23 September 2007

The Catholic Church Won't Get Squat From Me

I'm done. I won't give one cent to the Catholic Church for at least the remainder of this year. Let them whine and moan all they want, but the leadership of this archdiocese can burn with the monsters that they are willing to lie down with for all I care, and they can do so without a penny of my money.

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is supporting the anti-war movement. Through the Office for Social Justice, the archdiocese will be actively participating in a "peace" march on the Minnesota State Capitol, which will be demanding that Congress "transition" the U.S. out of the war.

And, yes, the Office for Social Justice is funded by the archdiocese

In 1984 the name of the Office of Urban Affairs was changed to the Office for Social Justice. As part of a larger reorganization in the archdiocese, the Office was placed under the administration of Catholic Charities.

The office continues to function today as an office serving the archdiocese, but organized as a division of Catholic Charities. Funding for the office comes from the archdiocese.
So, the archdiocese will have one of its own groups actively participating in a march on the Minnesota Capitol on 23 September 2007, along with the likes of Minnesota ACORN (and I'd also guess ANSWER and other socialist/marxist/anti-American type groups), demanding that Congress begin to pull our troops out of Iraq.

Will the Office for Social Justice be sending their kumbyah-singing minions to stand between the innocent Iraqis and the terrorists who will create a blood bath upon the withdrawal of U.S. Forces? I'm guessing that Kathleen Tomlin and her minions won't be putting their faith on the line in that manner.

I had a post on Thursday in which I stated that the social justice types in the Catholic Church seem to think that even when monsters are actively preying upon innocents, we should just try to open a dialogue with the monsters and throw money at them for food and shelter for the innocents that they prey upon. The social justice types don't seem to want to confront evil or hold evil accountable. Instead, it's peace marches and prayer circles in the hopes that the monsters will end their evil ways, all-the-while condemning those who would engage the evil in order to help and protect the innocents.

And on a somewhat ironic note, the day before this march for the facilitation of the massacre of innocent Iraqis (or "peace" march, as they are calling it), the archdiocese had its Archdiocesan Stewardship Forum. I say that it's ironic because I'm done. Archbishop Flynn has perturbed me to no end for years, but this is it. No more funding to anything Catholic. My charitable donations will go to those who support our Troops and the mission!


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