23 July 2007

Possible Honor Killing In Atlanta?

All of the details are not available on the shooting in Atlanta this morning that has left the shooter and three others dead, and two people seriously injured.

Police have identified the suspected shooter as Abdulaziz Ibrahim, male. Victims deceased at the scene were identified as Hana Yusef, 27; "Luna", a female in her early twenties; and Mohmmed Ibrahim, 29.

A three-year-old boy, Amir Abdulhakim, is reportedly critical but in stable condition. Yusef Ibrahim, 27, was also reported in stable condition.
Police are currently saying that they do not know what the shooter's motive was, but they do believe that all of the victims were related. I usually don't jump on these things this early, but I'm wondering if this might be an honor killing.

I'll update this, or create another post, as more information comes in.

UPDATE 23 JULY 2007 15:25
According to the article linked to above, which has been updated since this post was published, Luna is a 24 year-old woman named Luna Tesfaye. Also, there appears to have been another person who was in the house but not harmed.

Police said they were interviewing both a teenage girl who was in the house during the shooting but was unharmed, and Abdulaziz Ibrahim's wife, who had left home shortly before the 7 a.m. shootings.
I haven't seen anything more than that, though. If more information comes in, I'll update or post again.


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