25 July 2007

Concerns Of Terror Dry-Runs Again

This story cites an unclassified alert from the TSA regarding seizures of suspicious items at San Diego, Milwaukee, Houston, and Baltimore airports.

The bulletin said the passengers carrying the suspicious items seized since September included men and women and that initial investigation had not linked them with criminal or terrorist organizations. But it added that most of their explanations for carrying the items were suspicious and some were still under investigation.

The four seizures were described this way:

— San Diego, July 7. A U.S. person — either a citizen or a foreigner legally here — checked baggage containing two ice packs covered in duct tape. The ice packs had clay inside them rather than the normal blue gel.

— Milwaukee, June 4. A U.S. person's carryon baggage contained wire coil wrapped around a possible initiator, an electrical switch, batteries, three tubes and two blocks of cheese. The bulletin said block cheese has a consistency similar to some explosives.

— Houston, Nov. 8, 2006. A U.S. person's checked baggage contained a plastic bag with a 9-volt battery, wires, a block of brown clay-like minerals and pipes.

— Baltimore, Sept. 16, 2006. A couple's checked baggage contained a plastic bag with a block of processed cheese taped to another plastic bag holding a cellular phone charger.
Nearly a year ago, on 10 August 2006, I posted on concerns regarding possible terrorist dry-runs on aircraft. It appears that similar incidents are continuing.

We are still at war, and the enemy would love the opportunity to pull-off another dramatic attack, so keep alert, stay vigilant, and report anything suspicious.


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