09 May 2007

Hezbollah In South America

MSNBC has a story on Hezbollah's presence in South America. Considering that Iran has spent some time now becoming cozy with Venezuela, and that three of the six Muslims arrested in the Fort Dix plot were in the country illegally, this adds to the concerns that every American should have regarding our border security.

My concern here would be Iran getting nuclear, biological, or chemical materiel into Venezuela undetected under diplomatic seal. Following that, Hezbollah terrorists could collect that materiel and smuggle it across the U.S. southern border. At that point the materiel can be secreted by those who smuggled it in, or the materiel can be passed on to a sleeper cell, either way being maintained until it can be used in a terror attack on U.S. soil. It's a definitely possibility, if it hasn't been attempted or happened already.

When Iran thumbs its nose at the U.N. Security Council again over its nuclear program, we'll probably ratchet-up the rhetoric on not allowing a nuclear Iran. If we make good on that claim, there is a terror group sympathetic to Iran that is poised to our south and ready to retaliate against us for Iran. If we don't make good on that claim, and if Iran creates a nuclear weapon, then the stakes increase even more because Iran will have the ability to threaten all the nations of the Middle East and some European nations with nuclear attack, and to also direct their terrorist proxies in South America against the U.S. Either way, this isn't good.

The enemy won't be appeased, and they won't disengage even if we attempt to. This is going to be a very long war, and we must continue to bring the fight to them so that we can reduce their resources and keep them as occupied as possible as far away as we can.


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