22 May 2007

Good News From Iraq: Yesterday's Successes Yield More Today

Based on intelligence from yesterday's raids that liberated four Iraqi men and an Iraqi boy from their terrorist captors, Coalition Forces raided two buildings northeast of Karmah this morning, and freed twelve Iraqi civilians who were being held by terrorists.

Nine terrorists were killed in the operation, three suspected terrorists were taken into custody, and Coalition Forces found two rocket-propelled grenades, a sub-machine gun, rifles, nineteen assault vests, and stolen goods during a sweep of both buildings.

In other raids, Coalition Forces captured fifteen al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists. Some of those terrorists were discovered due to information from successful raids on 21 May 2007.

Twelve Iraqis are no longer the hostages of terrorists, weapons that were once in the possession of the terrorists are no more, and fifteen terrorists associated with al-Qaeda in Iraq are being held by the Coalition. Much of that is from intelligence that our forces gathered in successful raids yesterday.

Remember that, while you may not hear about it in the mainstream media, our troops are making progress in Iraq.


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