25 April 2007

Dirty Harry Reid Is A Waste Of Flesh

Yep. I've been really busy, but I wanted to just say, for the record, that I despise Harry Reid and all the other oxygen thieving Democrats who are stabbing our troops in the back. I just sent a letter off to a Soldier in Afghanistan this morning, and I don't look forward to trying to explain to him that the defeatist attitude of the political left (and some of the political center) doesn't represent our view of their service or mission.

And to all of you who were touting a split government or getting the Republicans out last November, a big f*ck you to you, too. I'm not blaming you for the Republicans losing; the Republicans did that to themselves. I do, however, blame you for the defeatist, we'll say the war is lost, we will cite Petraeus but then we won't believe him if he says the surge is working, let's just cut-and-run Democrats gaining the edge. Maybe if you wishy-washy maggots would have looked at the best interests of this nation instead of trying to teach the Republicans a lesson, or pushing for your pie-in-the-sky, can't we all get a long, idealistic pipe-dreams, then we might not have the let's capitulate-to-the-enemy leadership that we have in the Congress right now.

If your Democrat leaders legislate defeat in Iraq, and if the enemy follows us home, I really hope that it is the friends and family of Democratic supporters and the wishy-washy center who reap the whirlwind.



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