29 March 2007

British Foot Patrol Ambushed; Iran Claims Provocation

British Ministry of Defense says that some of their troops, while on foot patrol in Basra, Iraq, returned fire after being ambushed near the Iranian consulate.

The Iranians took this opportunity to claim that the U.K. is being provocative, and then to make threats against the British sailors and marines being held hostage.

But Iranian Consul-General Mohammed Ridha Nasir Baghban said British forces had engaged in a "provocative act" that "could worsen the situation of the British sailors."

"British forces should rely on wisdom and not react because of the British forces' detention. This reflects negatively on bilateral relations," Baghban told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Baghban claimed British forces surrounded the consulate about 10 a.m. and fired randomly into the air.
I'll believe the British on this one, and I will say again: Iran needs to be kicked in the teeth.


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