17 February 2007

The Party's Over For Me

I'm done. After the votes by the House yesterday and the Senate today, I'm finished with the Republican party until they can get their collective act together. I'll still support specific candidates, but why should I support a political party that is going to assist the back-stabbers under their own banner? Besides, it's not like 2006 when the hope was to hold on to chairmanships. The Republicans got voted out and they have lost their leadership positions, so let's just clean house of the RINOs, too.

Here's my email to the RNC. It may not do much, but hopefully the party starts to get the message.
17 February 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I will not be contributing any more money to the Republican Party, either on a national or state level, nor will I be giving money to similar groups such as the National Republican Congressional Committee. Any groups that will continue to support members of Congress such as Norm Coleman or Ric Keller will not receive my support in any manner.

On Friday, seventeen Republicans voted for telling our troops and our enemy that we don't think that reinforcing our men and women in Iraq is worthwhile. Moreover, those same seventeen, and all of the Democrats who voted with them, told our tentative allies that siding with us will only leave them in the lurch once Congress finds a way to undermine the President and call our brave men and women in uniform back home. Today, seven Republicans in the Senate joined their defeatist allies in the House by voting for the same measure.

It is no wonder that Osama Bin Laden called America a paper tiger. We have men and women with the courage to face amazing challenges against Islamic terrorists; most of them doing so for little compensation. Then we have the anointed few in Washington D.C. who would cut those same men and women down where they stand for just enough votes to keep their positions in Congress. I have no respect any longer for the majority of politicians, Democrat and Republican alike. While I will still treat the office that they hold with the respect it deserves, the majority of those currently holding those offices are worthless to me.

I will contribute to every candidate who challenges those twenty-four Republicans in the primaries and, in the event that one of those twenty-four Republicans is the Republican Party nominee in my state or district, I will vote against them in the general election by casting my ballot for either a third-party candidate or the Democratic Party candidate.

Please take me off of the Republican Party membership list.

USMC 9971

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