08 October 2006

Whose Troops Do The Dems Support?

DNC Canadian Soldier

H/T Blackfive

This is unbelievable. The Democratic Party website, on their Veterans & Military Families page, has a picture of a soldier. Unfortunately, the inept people publishing the Democrats' website put up a picture of a Canadian soldier.

Blackfive says it wonderfully:

Seriously, though, how screwed up must you be to post about how much your party supports the troops, but not know who your troops are? 'Embarassing' hardly begins to describe this error.

I got that image from a screen capture I did at 1112 CDT this morning (click on the image to see more of the screen capture). Michelle Malkin's post on this was last evening at 1725 (I'm guessing EDT for the time zone). If MM's post timestamp time zone was EDT, then that Canadian soldier's picture has been up 18 hours and 47 minutes. I'm sure that several people have contacted the Democratic Party by now, so it is rather surprising that they still haven't changed the image.

I'm waiting for the spin to come from the Democrats on this one; most likely they will say that they support all troops from any nation helping in our war on terror. If that is said, however, such a statement would lead me to believe that the Democrats are now accepting the fact that the U.S. is not acting unilaterally. And, of course, if that is the spin that comes from the Democrats, then I am sure that all Democratic candidates and office holders will cease any perpetuation of the dishonest and misleading claims of unilateral action on the part of the U.S.

If this makes you doubt the sincerity of the Democratic Party's claims to support OUR troops when they either can't seem to find it suitable to put a picture of a member of the U.S. military on their VMF page, or they can't find a web editor who knows/cares about what a member of the U.S. military actually looks like, you can let them know your opinion right here. I know that I will.

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