27 October 2006

Good News From Iraq: Medical Operations To Help Iraqis

This is a link to an article on the MNF-Iraq website regarding a recent medical operation by the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. While it's a good news story overall, what really caught my eye were the statements of a couple of PFCs from Company D that were at the very end of the article.

"We went out to distract the enemy so the medics could act," said Pfc. James Cook, Company D, 4-31 Inf. Regt. "We set up three traffic control points to search vehicles and patrolled the areas ... It was all quiet."

"We kept an eye on things to make sure Soldiers didn’t get hurt. We all came back in one piece. It was a good patrol," said Pfc. Samuel Rhodes, also of Co. D.

These young men went out to make sure that the bad guys would engage them instead of the medics and populace so that the Iraqi civilians in Rushdi Mulla could receive medical aid unaccosted. Damned good work, Soldiers.

More people need to hear about the selfless actions of our military men and women.


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