26 September 2006

Peaceful And Tolerant?

Here is another fine example of "peaceful and tolerant" Islam.

"The second message is for the criminal Benedict the 16th, the Vatican Pope. For this ignorant and stupid Pope, who has no one to attack besides Islam and the Prophet [Muhammad], may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him. He [the Pope] characterized Islam as a cruel religion, and characterized Muhammad, may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him, as a cruel man, spilling blood, who strove to kill. This hostile Pope refuses to apologize to Muslims; and, instead of apologizing he blames the Muslims for not understanding, thereby adding crime upon crime. This arrogant Pope sees the Muslims as too inferior that he should apologize to them. To this arrogant Pope - criminal and arrogant - this message is from Allah the Elevated and the Exalted, as it was said: 'Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do. He but gives them a respite until a day when eyes will stare (in terror).' [Sura 14:42]"

From the Friday sermon of Osama Al-Mazini, Hamas religious leader, broadcast on Palestinian Authority Television, 22 September 2006

I pray that God watches over Pope Benedict if he goes to Turkey in November. There are far too many Muslims, in Turkey and elsewhere, who would like the Pontiff to meet a "peaceful and tolerant" end.

Beati eritis cum vos oderint homines et cum separaverint vos et exprobraverint et eiecerint nomen vestrum tamquam malum propter Filium hominis.
Luke 6:22


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