17 September 2006

I Think It's Time To Fight Back

Check out these three links regarding the above image. I modified the image to add in the translations; translations which I got from Muslihoon's post on this. Tolerant Islam's view of our Pope right there. Imagine if it was an image of Mo-HAM-med?

Adding more fuel to the fire, Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin (a Somali imam) called for Muslims to hunt down and kill Pope Benedict during his sermon at his mosque on Friday. Today, two Somali gunmen murdered an Italian nun by shooting her in the back four times at the S.O.S. Hospital in Mogadishu.

Can we start defining Islam as the murderous cult that it truly is, or are we going to continue to pussy-foot around so that we don't offend the "more moderate" of these homicidal thugs? Can we retaliate, not necessarily for revenge, but rather for the protection of civilization from these bloodthirsty animals?

They want a holy war? I say we give it to them. Let's start with a Tomahawk cruise missile going into tolerant Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin's mosque next Friday.

Deus Vult!


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