30 September 2006

Good News From Iraq: Violence Not The Whole Story

The U.S. Central Command has this article on the subtle transformations occurring in Iraq. The first two paragraphs acknowledge the violence, but also call for a look at the broader picture.

Let’s put the bad news up front: Extremist elements in Iraq are vying for political and economic power and are seeking to take advantage of this delicate stage of transition in Iraq’s history. Sunni and Shia extremists are using brutal and provocative tactics against one another. Baghdad is the center of gravity for this increasingly sectarian conflict. The conflict is complex: There are also foreign terrorists infiltrating the borders, renegade death squads, an insurgency, and foreign governments who seek to exert influence on Iraqi politics.

This, however, is only part of Iraq’s present story. The violence belies the gradual but remarkable transformation this nation is experiencing. Focusing on just violence would miss telling the bigger story of how — despite it —Iraqis have made enormous steps toward self-sufficiency in both the security and political realm.

The rest of the article tells the bigger story. Read the whole thing, because you are not going to hear it from the mainstream media.


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