09 August 2006

Fifteen Terrorists Killed In Afghanistan

Thirty terrorists attacked the Kamdesh Provincial Reconstruction Team base with small arms and rocket fire during the evening of 08 August 2006. Coalition forces repelled the attack with small arms, mortar, and joint fire.

Fifteen terrorists were killed, and two U.S. Soldiers and an Afghan National Policeman were lightly wounded in the firefight. The coalition personnel were treated and returned to duty.

The base, located in the Kamdesh District of Nuristan Province, was not damaged during the attack.

"These extremists will never succeed in overcoming Coalition and Afghan security forces," said Col. Thomas Collins, Coalition spokesman. "We will prevail because the Afghan people have demonstrated that they want a stable and prosperous country. Together with the Afghan National Security forces, our goal is to help the Afghan people achieve their goals."

Source: CentCom

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